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After many years, Lisa’s Haberdashery in Epsom High Street closed in 28th May 2016, but on the very same day a new place to buy haberdashery in Epsom opened less than a hundred yards away, at 22 South Street.

Here at The Stitch Mouse in Epsom we supply a wide range of wools and yarns, fabrics, buttons, zips, sewing threads and fabric crafting kits, as well as quilting, knitting and crochet supplies, in fact all the usual things you would expect to find in a quality haberdashery shop.

But where does the word ‘haberdashery’ actually come from? It’s one of those words that seem to have gone a bit out of fashion in the 21st century, a bit like ‘Ironmongers’ or ‘Milliners’.

According to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia, a haberdasher (in the UK) is defined as:

“A person who sells small articles for sewing such as buttons, ribbons, zips, cotton, thread and fabric.”


The earliest appearance of the word in English is in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Haberdashers were originally simply peddlers, hence ‘sellers of small items’ such as needles and buttons, and hence haberdashery would be those items for sale.

The word is not thought to be derived from the old Norse word similar to the Icelandic word ‘haprtask’, which means peddlers’ wares (or the bag in which the peddler carried them), because if that were the case, a haberdasher (in its hypothetical Scandinavian meaning) would be very close to a ‘mercer’ (French).

Since the word has no recorded use in Scandinavia, it is more likely that it is actually derived from the Anglo-Norman word ‘hapertas’, which means ‘small ware’. A haberdasher would sell small wares, the goods of the peddler, while a mercer would specialize in silks, linens, fabric, cloth and bedding.


The patron saint of French haberdashers is Louis IX, King of France from 1226–70. Elsewhere in Continental Europe, Saint Nicholas is their patron saint, and Saint Catherine has been adopted by the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers in the City of London.

Modern day usage

Although haberdashers and haberdashery are words that some may associate with a bygone age, if you’re searching on Google for haberdashery in Epsom it’s likely that you’re looking for a shop that sells things like knitting and crochet supplies, zips, sewing thread, needles, cotton, yarns and quilting supplies. Or perhaps you’d be hoping to find a button shop, a wool shop or a place to buy your fabric craft supplies.

If you would like to find out more about our haberdashery shop in Epsom, why not visit us at 22 South Street, Epsom, Surrey, or give us a call on 01372 579 384?

We are open Monday to Saturday 9.00am – 5.15pm and would love to see you sometime.

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